Product Feature: Quilt by Saba Italia

Established in 1988, Saba Italia is known for its bold and eclectic home furnishings. Saba believes that design products should not only be technically excellent, but also respond to real consumer needs, as well as offering aesthetics to stir the emotions.

“Quilt is a line of seating characterized by generous sizes and cushioning that is particularly soft and comfortable. The distinctive feature of the design is the exclusive quilting (available in tone-on-tone or contrasting color versions) on the back cushions and all along the supporting structure, creating a particular and pleasant geometric decoration that can be admired from different angles. Its candid elegance and contemporary spirit make it particularly attractive for contract furnishings and cozy for the home environment.”

We are proud to carry Saba’s furnishings and offer them to residential and commercial clients looking to add unique additions to their space.  Visit our showroom at 312 West Fourth or contact us for an appointment here.